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(04 February 2000)
I pitched the new models page, and reorganized all the 'Eavy Metal photographs into this one gallery.

Imperial Space Marines
The Mk VI officers: lieutenant commander, captain, and lieutenant. (79K)
A Space Wolves Lt. Commander armed with a power sword. (37K)
A Space Wolves Captain armed with bolt pistol and power sword. (51K)
Old Mk VI "Beekees" from Rogue Trader Days (31K)
More old Mk VI models. (43K)
A Salamanders Captain wearing prototype Mk VII armour ("Armorum Impetor") and armed with a plasma gun. (34K)
A Space Wolves Chaplain clad in prototype Mk VII armour and armed with a bolt gun. (54K)
A Grey Knight Terminator armed with a Nemesis Force Halberd (55.8K)
A Grey Knight Terminator armed with a Nemesis Force Greatsword (56.6K)
This is the old plastic Librarian that came with the Genestealer supplement. Notice that, unlike most other loyal terminators, he appears to be left handed. (10K)
The OOP metal Librarian painted by Francis Ellyard. Like the plastic model shown above, he comes equipped with a storm bolter and force axe. However, this model has much more detail, and is kind of a pain to paint. (17K)
A close combat terminator, also painted by Francis Ellyard. This model is equipped with the older style round-headed thunder hammer and the usual crux terminatus style shield. (16K)
This terminator carries everybody's favourite second edition weapon, the assault cannon. Note the shield adorning the right arm. (16K)
Ellyard also painted this terminator sergeant, complete with storm bolter and power sword. I've always thought either the sergeant or the guy with assault cannon was meant to have the targeter eye. (16K)
This is Ellyard's terminator captain, resplendent with storm bolter and power fist. In Rogue Trader days, terminator captains could fire a grenade from the the receptacle on their left arm. In second edition, character models could purchase the "Auxiliary Grenade Launcher" wargear card and attach it to the glove. In later editions, there is simply a new model. (18K)
A Grey Knight armed with the potent Nemesis Force Weapon. (17K)
The Ordo Malleus Daemon Hunter, complete with Psykannon and Force Rod. Mine is not quite so garish. (17K)
The Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, armed with combi-weapon and power fist. It's difficult to make out from this photograph, but the power fist has Jokaero Digital Weapons fitted to the knuckles. He also has a bionic leg. (16K)
This veteran sergeant has a bionic eye, but he also carries a power axe. As cool as he looks here, I've never really developed a fondness for this model. (20K)
The auxiliary grenade launcher wargear card was great in earlier editions of the game, but it's a lot less useful now that combi-weapons can only fire one grenade the whole game. (19K)
This guy with the bionic arm has got to be one of the coolest Space Marine models since Rogue Trader days. (20K)
Another case of duality, this model is listed as having either a targeter or a master-crafted pistol. I think he would make a swell non-veteran sergeant, really, since nobody'd ever pay the points to give anyone a master-crafted bolt pistol. (18K)
Traitor Space Marines
A traitor Marine captain of the Night Lords chapter, wearing terminator armour and bearing a Daemon Weapon. (75K)
Another traitor Marine captain in a different colour scheme. (47K)
This traitor terminator, is armed with the standard storm bolter and power fist. (17K)
In the current edition, we'd call this an autocannon, but back in Rogue Trader days, assault cannons were just as widely available to traitors as they were to loyalists. (17K)
Ellyard's traitor captain, complete with storm bolter and Daemon Weapon. (18K)
The most striking, and indeed sought after traitor terminator is this model. With its distinctive skull helmet, it's pretty easy to set apart as an aspiring or exalted champion. (17K)
Another traitor Marine in terminator armour bearing an assault cannon. (46K)
A Chaos Renegade riding a Steed of Slaanesh into battle. (48K)
A traitor Marine of the Thousand Sons Chapter, characterized by a distinct "Egyptian" headdress. (38.4K)
A Plague Marine, disgusting follower of Nurgle, Lord of Decay. (60K)
The dreaded Genestealer Patriarch and his advisor, the Magus (142K)
The Eldar Spirit Warrior was much like the current edition's Wraithlord, except that it was inhabited by the soul of an Eldar psyker who could unleash his devastating mental powers in battle. (58K)
The Eldar Ghost Warriors were robot assassins built out of a plastic called "Stelthene." They were the precursors to today's Wraithguard. (9K)
A Guardian Captain carrying a power sword and shuriken catapult (41K)
A Guardian armed with a shuriken catapult (38K)
An assault Guardian brandishing a shuriken pistol and power sword (38K)
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